Get Fresh Breath Ready for Festival Fun

Festival life means getting up close and personal with lots of people, in the mosh pit, in the tent, or simply waiting in the food queue. You could be standing next to your next best friend or an A-list celebrity at any time! Avoiding the fear of bad breath means you can focus on what festivals are really about – music, friends and good times.

The UltraDEX Fresh Breath Oral Spray not only eliminates bad breath and nasty bacteria, but it also helps maintain a clean fresh feeling which lasts for 12 hours. And who doesn’t want to feel their best while they fest?

Packing light is one of the key tips for having a good time at any festival and the pocket-sized spray is the perfect space-saving backpack essential. Quick and easy to use, it helps maintain oral hygiene all weekend while staying in what is not known for its cleanliness – a campsite! One discreet spray can eliminate bad breath at any time, including counteracting the morning’s dreaded ‘dragon’s breath’ without even having to leave the tent.

Trying to get an up-close glimpse of your favourite pop icon at V Festival? Laughing out loud at Edinburgh Fringe? Looking for rugged romance at Wilderness? Craving foodie fun at The Big Feastival?

Go wild and don’t let bad breath get in the way of your festival fun!

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