One GO Multi-pack Mint

One GO Mouthwash for three easy steps to Fresh Breath Confidence on the go.

Size: 10 x 15ml liquid sachets in each pack
RRP: £4.99
description +
These convenient liquid mouthwash sachets provide 12 hour fresh breath confidence when you are on the go. The advanced iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology® within UltraDEX One GO® Mouthwash is clinically proven to instantly eliminate bad breath compounds (Volatile Sulphur Compounds) for 12 hour fresh breath confidence.
  • Discreet and easy to use sachets
  • One rinse eliminates bad breath instantly
  • Handy sachets fit easily into pocket or bag
  • Rinsing twice a day:
    • Instantly eliminates bad breath for 12 hours
    • Protects teeth & gums by removing bacteria
    • Restores natural teeth whiteness by gently lifting everyday stains
    UltraDEX® is backed by scientific research and clinically proven technology and has been developed, used and recommended by Dental Professionals for 25 years.

    Additional benefits:
    • Free from alcohol and chlorhexidine      

    • Free from artificial colouring      

    • Suitable for Vegans      

    how it works+
    UltraDEX One GO Mouthwash uses clinically proven iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology. Click below to see how it works:
    product usage +
    Directions for Use: Simply tear off the end strip as shown and pour the liquid directly into your mouth. Rinse around the mouth for 30 seconds and do not swallow. Do not rinse the mouth with water after use.
    Caution: Do not swallow. Not suitable for children 6 years and under. Do not store in direct sunlight.
    review +

    UltraDEX is my chosen toothpaste and mouthwash therefore when I was offered another option from the same range I was very happy to give them a go and I have to say I do like these. The sealed box contains 10 slim sachets of mouthwash, each sachet contains 15 ml which I found adequate for my needs. I already use the UltraDEX Daily Oral Rinse, Original 500 ml and I do like the many advantages of using this mouthwash regularly. With the UltraDEX One Go Mouthwash, the mint flavour was a lot fresher and stronger, the consistency of the mouthwash was thicker, therefore, I felt the mouthwash coated my teeth better, plus the fact my breath felt and smelt minty fresh. I also like the fact the mouthwash provided me with much-needed moisture in my mouth which lasted, my mouth is usually dry due to different medications I must use daily. After using the o on the go mouthwash the dryness was less noticeable, my teeth felt glassy clean and my breath was minty fresh. A great product which I am happy to recommend.

    Developed, used, and recommended by dental proffesionals.