You never know when bad breath might get in the way of everyday life. It can be obvious to everyone except you.
That’s why it’s time to call out the “Smellephant” in the room!

At UltraDEX, we know that everyone wants to feel fresh breath confident, yet the topic is such a social taboo that if we are affected by bad breath, chances are no one will tell us. It’s a classic elephant in the room situation that UltraDEX is committed to talking about.
We can and should talk about bad breath.
Statistically, 1 in 4 adults suffer with bad breath1. However, more than half of us have anxiety about bad breath2. It can happen to anyone and there are simple, effective solutions to ensure day-long fresh breath confidence.
You never know when you might need it so be fresh breath confident all day, every day with UltraDEX.


It’s happened to the stars of our new video campaign. Has it ever happened to you? It could be what kills the conversation in an important business meeting. It could be what ruins a magical moment on a first date, or what puts a flatmate off their breakfast.

Bad breath can come from a variety of sources, but the good news is that 90% of the time, the cause is in the mouth3. UltraDEX is a clinically proven and effective solution, eliminating bad breath compounds instantly for 12 hours of fresh breath confidence.


How can you find out if you have bad breath? What’s the best way to stay fresh breath confident on the go? Is there a way to brush your tongue without gagging?

Bad breath is a tricky subject and one we know people aren’t keen to bring up – so we’ve done the asking for you. In this series of short #AskTheDentist videos we asked leading dentists Dr Ash Parmar and Dr Mervyn Druian for their advice. Here they draw on over 70 years’ experience between them to offer you their expert tips on getting – and staying – fresh breath confident.

Got a bad breath question we haven’t answered? Send us your #AskTheDentist question and we’ll get it answered!


The “Catch the Smellephant” tour by UltraDEX brought fresh breath confidence to people across London in July. Over ten days the Smellephant visited ten different locations, with our brand ambassadors handing out more than 80,000 UltraDEX sample sachets and discount vouchers to members of the public.

Did you catch the Smellephant? If you miss the sight of Smellephants floating around outside some of London’s busy mainline and underground stations why not check out the photos in our Facebook album, or on our @ultradex_uk Instagram page?

Thank you to all those who came to meet the Smellephant and participated in our #YouNeverKnow competition.


10 days
10 locations
80k samples
40k vouchers
25k postcards