Kissable Confidence

Have you ever been about to kiss someone then decided not to because of their breath? Well, research by UltraDEX revealed that 35% of those surveyed have done just that(1). What makes this scenario particularly awkward is that often the person waiting in anticipation to be kissed has absolutely no idea that they suffer from bad breath.

The problem is that bad breath is seen as quite a social taboo. So even if we are affected by bad breath, chances are no one will tell us. It’s the classic elephant in the room.

Whether it’s a first date or your 10th wedding anniversary, you want to be able to kiss with confidence. Here are a few handy tips to help you give your mouth some TLC:

Give your daily oral care routine a makeover

Simple steps such as switching from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush can make a difference. Tests have shown that electric brushes are more effective at removing plaque, which when it builds up can lead to gum disease and bad breath. The introduction of interdental cleaning can also improve the overall effectiveness of your twice-daily routine. It’s easy for food debris, plaque and bacteria to build up between the teeth where a toothbrush struggles to reach. Using dental floss or an interdental brush to reach and clean between these areas will boost the effects of the routine and avoid trapped food debris which, if left, could emit a bad odour.

Get fresh with the right mouthwash

Like dental floss and interdental brushes, mouthwash can reach places that brushing can’t, as well as providing additional benefits such as eliminating bacteria. For that fresh breath confidence, however, it’s important to check that your mouthwash is formulated specifically to treat the root cause of bad breath. Many products on the market simply mask the odour with a refreshing mint aroma that has no long-lasting effect. If the product description mentions eliminating VSCs (Volatile Sulphur Compounds), you’re on the right track!

In most cases bad breath originates from bacteria within the mouth. There are many kinds of bacteria found in the mouth, but the odour-causing ones produce sulphurous compounds – otherwise known as VSCs (science bit over). If your mouthwash targets VSCs then it’s tackling the root cause of bad breath and not just masking the odour for a short time. The UltraDEX range is specifically developed to do just this – eliminate bad breath, instantly. It’s backed by scientific research and is effective for 12 hours. It’s also alcohol free, which is another benefit. Many mouthwashes contain alcohol for its antibacterial properties, but the disadvantage is that alcohol is known to dry the mouth, which can also contribute to bad breath. UltraDEX mouthwash, toothpaste and spray are also vegan friendly, making then the ideal fresh-breath complement to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

The perfect pocket partner

Carry something with you that will give you a quick fresh breath hit whenever you need it. This could be gum or mints, but the down side to these is that they’ll only mask bad breath for a short time. Ideally you want to have something more effective and longer lasting to hand. This could be UltraDEX Fresh Breath Spray fits neatly in your pocket or bag, and with one spray eliminates bad breath instantly. Just what you need to give you that fresh breath hit after a mid-morning coffee or ahead of a romantic date.
We might not be able to help with the first-date nerves or the perfect anniversary gift, but with UltraDEX on your side you’ll be able to pucker up with fresh breath confidence, every time.

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(1) UltraDEX / OnePoll survey of 2000 UK adults