Enhancing Treatments

Enhancing Treatments

Preventive maintenance is key to increasing the success rate of cosmetic procedures and decrease risk of failure.
UltraDEX products are both used and highly recommended by many dental care professionals as part of a complete care plan before, during and after treatments

Outstanding oral health benefits

UltraDEX products can offer outstanding oral health benefits and be of significant value in a wide spectrum of clinical oral hygiene concerns, when used as part of an oral healthcare regime.

As well as being extremely effective in the management of halitosis in patients, the clinically proven technology within UltraDEX can also be particularly beneficial for use in periodontal, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures where it is an ideal aid in resolving clinical hygiene concerns and in the control of plaque biofilm. The active ingredient, Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide, acts as an oxidising agent, decreasing the ability of micro-organisms/bacteria in the oral cavity to multiply. Additionally, research has shown that it can demonstrate excellent efficacy at lowering concentrations of VSC in periodontal pockets by changing the molecular structure on contact.

Suitable for long-term daily use

UltraDEX is very gentle on the delicate tissues of the mouth and works closely with the natural oral pH. It has no unpleasant side effects such as staining and patient compliance is excellent.

In addition, the UltraDEX Sensitive range has been specially developed to assist dental care professionals with both enamel care and whitening maintenance programmes.