Wire-free Interdental Brushes

Coated with fluoride for advanced interdental cleaning

Size: 20 brushes
RRP: £3.49
description +
UltraDEX Wire-Free Interdental Brushes have a fluoride coating for advanced interdental cleaning.
Made from rubber-like (latex-free) material, the soft, flexible brushes are ideal for small gaps and around implants, crowns, fillings and bridges. They glide easily between teeth and gently massage gums, reaching the areas which brushing and rinsing alone cannot reach.
Benefits include:
  • Supple, pliable and easy to use. An ideal solution for people who find flossing difficult
  • Tapered and adaptable to different sized spaces, 2 sizes available (S/M 1-3mm, M/L 2-4mm)
  • No metal parts so safe for use around implants, veneers, fillings, crowns and bridges
  • Pack contains 20 disposable brushes

UltraDEX® is backed by scientific research and clinically proven technology and has been developed, used and recommended by Dental Professionals for over 20 years.
how it works+
UltraDEX Wire-Free Interdental Brushes are coated with fluoride
product usage +
Use after brushing, between meals and before rinsing.
Simply break off a brush from the strip and guide gently between your teeth. Move back and forth to ensure it has cleaned all hidden surfaces. Repeat this method on the rest of your teeth.
To minimise any risk of cross-infection, we recommend dipping the brush in UltraDEX oral rinse or toothpaste between each tooth.
review +

My favourite thing are these interdental brushes - it is so hard to floss your back teeth but these make it much easier and they are rubber, they don't hurt like the wire ones can.

Developed, used, and recommended by dental proffesionals.