Professional Testimonials

“The UltraDEX range helps bridge the gap between professional and at home dental care providing a superior level of cleaning and protection. I recommend it to my clients who are looking for a better level of care between visits and use it during the “Trial Smile (temporary restorations).”

Dr Ashish B Parmar, Smile Design by Ash, Essex

“Bad breath is a very embarrassing and difficult complaint and I have found UltraDEX, combined with tongue scraping, works on people who have tried everything. Patients like it. This is a very successful product – I use it myself.”

Lucy Jaffa, Dentist, Gentle Dental Care, Belfast

“I have used UltraDEX mouthwash for years, originally prescribed by my dentist, and it is cost effective because I rarely need dental treatment and I put that down to the careful use of UltraDEX every night.”

Miss S.W. Manchester

“I recommend the products because they are effective and one of my hygienists uses them in combination with an electronic toothbrush as part of an all-round, ongoing oral hygiene routine to help combat periodontal problems and maintain fresh breath. Some of our patients have been achieving some lovely results using UltraDEX.”

Dr Clare C. Chavasse, Titchfield Dental Health, Southampton

“Working as a periodontist, I recommend the UltraDEX products to all my patients, because the range is very effective and supported by clinical research. I use the daily oral rinse as part of a complete programme of treatment for periodontal and oral hygiene problems.”

Pieter van Heerden, Specialist Periodontist, St Albans

“I have been using UltraDEX oral rinse as part of my post surgical care plan, post implant placement. The active ingredient reduces the risk of caries and periodontal disease. There are no reported cases of staining of any teeth and no ill effects upon the restorations.”

Jati Heer, Dental Surgeon, Coventry

“I use UltraDEX as part of the initial perio assessment and for routing recall patients. Chlorine Dioxide (Cl02) and fluoride are very important ingrediants in my hygiene therapy sessions. It is extremely effective in combating gum disease and oral malodour. All my patients rinse out with UltraDEX oral rinse prior to treatment and I irrigate all pockets with it at the end of each session.”

Miss A. Birmingham

“I always use the UltraDEX Oral Spray as it is excellent, it was recommended a few years ago by the doctor on the programme This Morning and I have used it ever since.”

Jo Rawcliffe, Hygienist, Hull