Sensitive Teeth & Enamel Care

Sensitive Teeth
& Enamel Care

The UltraDEX Whitening (previously called Sensitive) range has been developed with a combination of dual action, patented technology to assist dental professionals with their patient enamel care and whitening maintenance programmes

Developed in conjunction with dental experts at two of the UK’s leading universities, the UltraDEX Whitening range incorporates patented technology which offers superior enamel care in addition to the all the benefits of the original UltraDEX range.

It has been scientifically developed to not only eliminate bad breath instantly for 12 hours but also to provide extra protection for sensitive teeth with a combination of dual action technology


SensiShield Enamel Defence contains hydroxyapatite, the mineral which makes up 85% of natural tooth enamel. The hydroxyapatite within UltraDEX has been optimised to ensure it gives the very best results for sensitive teeth. The hydroxyapatite and fluoride within the formulations work together to produce fluorapatite which enhances the naturally occurring remineralisation process within the mouth, effectively filling in any open dentinal tubules leading to the nerve endings and forming a new protective surface layer.

Before (left) and after (right)
SEM images of etched dentine before and after brushing with UltraDEX Whitening Toothpaste

With daily use, these new layers will continue to build up on the tooth surface, covering any worn or damaged enamel and forming a protective shield to guard against further erosion and leave teeth smoother, brighter and more resistant to acidic food and drink.